Aung San Suu Kyi.[ (Re.:UN envoy meets Myanmar democracy leader ) Therefore, I think Taiwan military should send best snipers to kill any so called UN workers around the world if bomb UN head quarter is too far to reach, not 591an reality for Taiwan military to go ahead. Those UN envoy and that so called Myanmar democracy leader deserve to be killed, because those so called UN envoy or that so called democracy leader m 會場佈置ust be the "Huang.Whore" criminals that committed food for oil links slaves, partners, or masterminded crimes and most likely linking to illegal smuggle "Ren.Ro(se)" marketting around the world corners crimes that out o 租辦公室f any civil court force capable to deal with.] Military should do the duty to kill that stupid bad ugly evil "Aung San Suu Kyi. "; a woman can not have good will and with best idea to write to military General to hear her concern and 房地產 better point of view and trust the General to decide what steps most fit her country reality needs, she should be killed immediately. Because if he's a good General, he must have the good will to listen to your concern, if he's not mankind, he must hav 買屋e no problem to do the killings. Killing may not give life, but absolute fair and balance no bias to anyone, no matter good better best, stupid bad ugly evil, naive, innocent whatever you think he or she belongs to. She believes in God, she must trust every thing happening must und 節能燈具er God's allowing, She does not believe in God, she must deserve to be killed as per her stupid bad ugly evil "弱女" "強.Chu.Tall." crimes. "弱女" "強.Chu.Tall." 成事不足 敗事有餘", it happened in "John.Chin", it happened in "秋謹", it happened in Thatcher, it happened in "柴玲", it happened in Condi 東森房屋 Rice. Why must be General? Because he has the force to get the forful, must like a good woman can see the fast flash shot like a mercy die better off or less evil than any other long suffering bed. In this world, you can have only freedom to do good things. "弱女" "強.Chu.Tall." is a "Huang.Whore" crime, not good in any 借貸way. You need be aware of "Ten.Ann.Man" sucks, do not listen to stupid bad ugly evil "軍政府虐僧" suspected "Huang.Whore" lies. If indeed there's such so called "虐" must because that "僧" used spy force committed the most serious spy "假公濟私 公報私仇" crime must meet the spy Court absolute needed clause to guard forceless i 結婚ndividuals of the people's rights. Mankind General does not care his personal future, evil General just wants to make sure his snipers sharp the best skill in the hunting field to make sure no one can get the force to take over his Force.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 襯衫  .
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